Got some fur buddies? This book will win your heart. “Treats & Tales” features the story of Lil Red and friends, revealing the life of a dog on the run. Replete with illustrations and stories, this book is perfect for canine parents. As a handsome plus, it contains how-to patterns and recipes.

How do we appreciate the heroes who save lives and properties from a fire? These heroes rush to face the deadly heat regardless of how huge or tiny a situation is. This heart-gripping book will make any readers appreciate the bravery of firefighter personnel as they get to know their lives and stories beyond their 24-hour – duties. “On Call” reiterates the art and beauty of firefighting.

About the Author

Rotha J. Dawkins was born in Lexington, North Carolina. She is a graduate of Lexington High School. While still a student and just eighteen, she held the first fashion show in Lexington with twenty-five garments she had designed and made. Rotha has also created a line of lingerie, Le’ Joy, and was a designer for Neshia in New York, Greensboro Mfg., and Jimmy Prince Originals.

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