Got some fur buddies? This book will win your heart. “Treats & Tales” features the story of Lil Red and friends, revealing the life of a dog on the run. Lil Red, a dachshund, and her friends talk as if they’re people. Their unique quest for survival is a fun learning experience targeted at the youth. Makes good sense for all ages. “If there is such a thing as reincarnation, let me come back as Rotha’s dog,” teased Thomasville firefighters as they observed her pet, Peppermint. Replete with illustrations and stories, this book is perfect for canine parents. As a handsome plus, it contains how-to patterns and recipes.

“ON CALL” reveals the stories and life of firefighter personnel. This will pull you through moments of excitement, tragedy, and utopia. You’ll love the characters who become so real with dedication. Firefighting is the true art of saving lives and property. Regardless of how huge or tiny a situation is, these heroes rush to their unknown tasks. “ON CALL” is packed full of courage, bravery, fear, and surprises that instill compassion. Their personal aspect of living 24 hours together is acknowledged through constant reference to the in-house way of life to be always available. With this, each meal is a part of it all. To entice your interest, you will delight with all the recipes at the end of each chapter, which add sweetness to “Fire Family Life.” It’s a real honor to be a part of the ”ON CALL” story that holds high this special way of life and careers here and in every town, city, and suburb. “ON CALL” is Love and Mercy.