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Writing is a challenging task, primarily if you’re catering to numerous genres, which is why people will need tips for writing in multiple genres from those already doing so.

Rotha J. Dawkins is among those who have experience writing in multiple genres, which is apparent from her books On Call and Treats & TalesOn Call is about the brave firefighters who rescue our lives and properties, while Treats & Tales is about a dog named Lil Red and her friends. Both are clearly and incredibly different from one another.

But Rotha could pull it off with these books because she followed some helpful tips that you could do as well. Let’s examine those tips and learn a great deal of knowledge from them.

Tip #1: Take the Time to Experiment With Multi-Genre Writing

Different genres often come in different formats that often resonate with different audiences. That’s a lot of difference, right? (pun intended). With that in mind, this is a great time for writers and storytellers to use it as an opportunity to experiment with diverse genres.

Typically, one would think that it’d be detrimental to their reputation and stories if they were to write novels with different genres constantly. A core genre is helpful since this is how authors will attract loyal readers to the books they publish and the tales they’re weaving.

But there is a “workaround” that authors could use, and this is in the form of short stories. Short stories are great because they don’t necessarily be related to the core genre, and they won’t derail or distract the primary branding or work as well.

Works like novelettes and novellas offer more feasible formats for authors to tell their stories in. It’s the perfect creative outlet for writers who feel stifled by the genre they’re writing for.

Tip #2: Be a Ghost and Engage in Cross-Genre Writing

One of the tips for writing in multiple genres that might make you frown is the notion of ghostwriting. Having someone else’s name takes credit as you’re writing in multiple genres is quite off-putting. Feeling this way is understandable; if it’s not for you, that’s okay.

However, if you look at it objectively, it is one of the most practical tips when writing in multiple genres. Getting paid for your writing is a viable option with this one while you get to practice your writing muscles in any genre. Another advantage is that as you’re working as a ghostwriter, your writing brand stays just how you like it.

Tip #3: Helpful Tips for Writing in Multiple Genres is Knowing What You Write VS. What You Publish

Knowing the difference between what you write vs. what you publish is helpful when you’re trying a hand at another genre. The issue of what you can or can’t publish arises when a specific topic, character, or story affects people negatively.

If you wish to bypass this dilemma, then as an author, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that there are certain stories you won’t be able to publish. Nobody is being hindered from writing about any subject they want to tackle. However, some topics are more sensitive, and you might end up affecting some readers in a bad light without meaning to.

We understand that many authors and writers are against the idea of dilly-dallying on a concept they can’t publish. But if you want to practice writing a tale with a different genre, you must shelve some completed pieces.

Tip #4: Utilize a Second Pen Name for the Different Genres You’re Writing

Plenty of authors find a way to experience a favorable outcome from writing and publishing in two genres. A great example is Rotha J. Dawkins, who had two distinct books (not using different pen names) with contrasting topics and characters.

A downside to this tip, though, is that limited to around two to three novel genres. One person can take only a handful of pen names, so a limit of two to three aliases is a reasonable way to pace oneself. You might dilute your time and attention if you have so many pen names too.

Practice Versatile Writing With The Tips Above

Now that you know the tips for writing in multiple genres, take the time to practice versatile writing and have fun with it. There is beauty in writing in multiple genres, which authors can only experience if they decide to take risks and try something they’re not used to.

We hope the tips here will prove helpful to your writing endeavor. Try reading some of our other blogs, and discover terrific ways to bond with your dog!

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