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The value of proper puppy care can’t be underestimated, especially because, at such an early stage in their lives, puppies are extremely susceptible to many illnesses that could be life-threatening.

Rotha J. Dawkins, author of Treats & Tales, loves dogs. Her book is about Lil Red and centers around a story of a dog and her friends as they emBARK (pun intended) on fun adventures of being a dog on the run. Readers will have a fantastic time with the tales and shenanigans that Lil Red and her companions get into.

With that in mind, let’s figure out the importance of proper puppy care for the pet you admire.

Healthy Dog Adventures: Why is Taking Good Care of Your Puppy Important?

If you want the short answers, it’s simply because every pet owner wishes their puppies to be alive and well for as long as possible. Getting a puppy is a long-term commitment and love, after all. When we welcome a cute and small pup into our lives, we’ve already decided to dedicate years to them.

The sooner we apply some healthy and good care practices for our puppies, the longer they’ll live, the longer they’ll be with us, and the better their state of living will be.

When Should Pet Owners Bring Their Puppies to the Vet?

Figuring out the right time to bring a puppy to the vet all depends on the details pet owners got from wherever they acquired their puppies (i.e., humane societies, rescue societies, breeders, or from a previous owner). The number one concern that every dog owner should focus on is the vaccines the dog has received if they’ve been inoculated to any.

Vaccines protect our pets from life-threatening illnesses like canine parvovirus, canine distemper, heartworms, etc. It’s a fur parents’ wish for their fur babies to be safe and healthy, so we learn how to care for puppies. This is where the power of vaccines comes in since they offer excellent protection from life-threatening afflictions.

With that said, the best time to bring puppies to a veterinarian is as soon as you get them. You can continue their beautiful life by ensuring they’re safe from diseases, like Lil Red and her story of a dog and her friends. This is the value of proper puppy care for our beloved pets.

What are the Typical Health Issues Puppies Encounter in Their Dog Stories?

More often than not, vets often see intestinal worms in a puppy’s stomach. This is because puppies are typically born with roundworms or hookworms within their digestive tract. If a heavy infestation is present, the results can be life-threatening.

Such parasites must be expelled as soon as possible, and going to the vet can greatly help your precious pup. On an owner’s end, they can apply puppy care methods by ensuring their dogs aren’t randomly eating things and don’t eat from the trash.

Symptoms and Signs Your Puppy Is Ill

The first thing pet owners will usually notice whenever they acquire a new puppy is its behavior, appetite, playfulness, and disposition. While these factors will vary from puppy to puppy, a safe assumption to note is that they’ll typically be very curious. Puppies will often interact and explore the brand-new environment they find themselves in.

Appetite is another safe assumption worth noting; since puppies are often huge fans of eating, having a healthy appetite is a must. Observe their owners must observe whether the new pups are curious, their level of appetite, and playfulness are all good.

Taking note of the new puppy’s stools is also good to be mindful of. Are they watery? Are they firm? Is there blood on it? If owners believe the young pup isn’t doing well, they must visit a veterinarian.

Do Puppies Need Vaccines Even If They Stay Indoors?

Of course. The law mandates rabies vaccines. It doesn’t matter if the puppies stay indoors or go outside. They need their vaccines regardless, due to the high infection rates these viruses have. This means that without vaccines, puppies can easily get them.

Humans can easily bring these viruses into the household. Whether it’s via their shoes, pants, or even hands, your puppies are just one touch away from being in danger.

Let’s All Keep Our Pets Safe and Full of Joy

Pets are family. They provide happiness, comfort, and companionship. Knowing the value of proper puppy care is imperative for keeping our puppies healthy and happy, like Rotha J. Dawkins’ Lil Red, which is a story of a dog and her friends.

Now that you know the importance of puppy care, try reading our other blogs and find out why dog parenting is a privilege and responsibility!

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