About the Author

Rotha Dawkins was born in North Carolina. She held her first fashion show in Lexington with twenty-five garments she had designed and made when she was only eighteen. Rotha has also created a line of lingerie, Le’ Joy, and was a designer for Neshia in New York, Greensboro Mfg., and Jimmy Prince Originals. The Belk-Martin-sponsored show received statewide publicity.

Eventually, Rotha earned a degree in draping and fashion design from New York University and the Mayer School of Dress Design in New York City. Calling Rotha a jack of all trades is an understatement. Before becoming a novelist, Rotha once designed clothing for Las Vegas showgirls. She was also a model and a beauty pageant winner and organizer.

Throughout her life, Rotha has always been imaginative and observant. These qualities propelled her talent for writing. She is the author of more than ten books, including “Treats & Tales,” a recipe-filled book for dog lovers. “On Call” is her most recent book.

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