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Learning the ways to bond with your dog is very important, especially since you’ll care for them throughout their lifetime.

Author Rotha J. Dawkins knows and shares the need to connect with our pet dogs. She even wrote a book titled Treats & Tales to win the hearts of dog lovers, including herself, worldwide. It’s a heartwarming tale of a dog on the run who is trying to survive the world she is in.

If you want to discover ways to spend quality time with your dogs, you’ve come to the right place. Join us, and let’s learn some tips on properly connecting with our dogs.

Try Walking Your Beloved Dog in a New Environment

Have you gotten bored with the same location and view? It’s most likely that your dog feels the same. Get outside and travel the world with your pet.

Take your usual walk through a different neighborhood, visit a dog-friendly business, or explore a new trail or park. True socialization involves adopting a generally optimistic attitude to life.

Your dog will be better socialized and ready for life if they have more pleasant life experiences. Additionally, because you gave your dog several opportunities to gain confidence, they will be better equipped to face new, unanticipated encounters.

Introduce a New Behavior to Your Furry Friend

Shaping is a method of teaching that catches preliminary approximations toward a final goal behavior. Once your dog consistently exhibits a certain approximation, you should create a new standard that aligns with the desired behavior and reward the efforts rather than the old standard.

Since the dog needs to be equally involved in the behavior to be taught, shaping encourages a genuine relationship between humans and dogs. The goal is not obedience but rather to let the animal judge based on a reward history of a particular behavior. Physical manipulation and force are prohibited from being used.

Though Rotha J. Dawkins’ book doesn’t talk much about dog training, it does discourage using force when interacting with dogs. Overall, introducing new behaviors are good ways to learn how to bond with your dog. It’s one of those unique ways to bond with your dog on another level.

Sit in Silence With Your Dog and Connect Solemnly

Put your laptop down, shut off the TV, and put your phone aside. Anything that can divert your focus from your dog should be put away. Sit in silent communion with your dog for 30 minutes.

You can relax and sit beside them while letting their head rest on your lap. Another alternative is to put your hands on them while offering them a gentle pet or scratch. Take in the atmosphere, pay attention to their steady breathing, and watch your cute doggo snooze away. Every day, treasure the tranquility these moments offer to your life.

Remember that some dogs may find this challenging at first. However, with repetition, you can use this experience to demonstrate to your dog ways to unwind.

One of Best Ways to Bond With Your Dog is Enjoying a Nap Together

Dogs require a lot of sleep. A dog sleeping up to 16 hours per day is quite normal. Some owners even let their dogs take a naptime each afternoon to take a quiet break from a morning trek.

However, there isn’t a finer way to pass a day than curled up next to your fuzzy pet on a rug like a bug. As you float away to sleep, you can hear their faint whimpers, feel their soft breath in your ear, and see their feet gently running across vast fields in their dreams.

Believe it or not, this will aid in making your connection with your dog grow deeper. Sleeping is a very vulnerable state, so if they’re comfortable enough to take a nap with you, that means trust is being established.

Taking the time today to read the ways to bond with your dog is a good sign. Dog parenting is a privilege and responsibility, after all. This tells us here that you are committed and love your furry companion.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and it’s by bonding with them that we can repay their love and loyalty toward us.

If you want a wonderful dog tale, get Rotha J. Dawkins’ book titled Treats & Tales today. Lil Red and her friends’ adventures will undoubtedly bring lots of fun!

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